The Visit: IIIMature

The Visit: III

One morning,

The security guard,

As he passed,

At 1 a.m, he whistled,

Awakening me.


Unable to return to sleep,

I trod sofly through the flat.

I initially played,

A marbles game,

That my stepmother possessed.


After a while,

I grew tired of this,

And treading softly,

Went to where,

My dad and stepmother,

They were sound asleep.


I sat on the end of the bed,

And watched them sleep,

Then I slipped between them,

Lay down on my front,

Crossed my arms,

And closed my eyes.


I briefly stood up,

To switch off the fan,

For I was slightly cold,

Before resuming my pose,

And when dad asked,

What time it was,

I replied that it was six.


My dad and stepmother,

They were amazed.

I explained what happened,

And cuddled up,

To Aunt Premala,

As dad got up.


Later on the sofa,

Did I catch up,

On my sleep.

The End

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