The Visit: IIMature

The Visit: II

With my stepcousin's husband,

Quite far away,

She was glad of my company,

And in the absense of Semanti,

I jumped at the chance,

To spend time with her.


I grew quite close,

To my stepcousin,

I recall when,

My dad, stepmother,

stepcousin and myself,

We all had pizza for lunch,

One day.


Another day,

Aunt Premala,

Cousin Anita and I,

We all had cake,

At a cafe,

I chose Black Forest cake.


My dad bought me,

My own digital camera,

Yet, afraid I would drop it,

I always clutched it to me,

Though tried to relax,

When dad told me,

Not to be silly.


I recall,

The day that we,

All had noodles.

I absolutely love noodles,

And the day,

Aunt Premala,

Made me and dad pasta,

As a surprise,

Despite not liking pasta herself,

Now that's love.


Filled with immense gratitude,

Yet unable to hug Aunt Premala,

As she had a cold,

I instead pulled dad,

Into a backbreaking hug.

The End

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