Upon seeing dad,

At the airport,

I ran towards dad,

Giving dad a hug,

That squashed dad flat.


Politely I,

Took leave of my gran,

And once in the taxi,

Gave my stepmother,

A huge hug.


We played word endings,

Sparrow, water, rabbit,

You get the idea,

I slipped my feet,

From my sandalls,

And onto the seat,

And with my head,

On Aunt Premala's lap,

Dozed off for a while.


I love them all right,

Whatever everyone says,

My stepsister was not there.

In June 2011,

She married and moved,

Though she still returns,

For the occasional holiday.


Though taken aback,

That this happened so soon,

And a little disappointed,

That Semanti could no longer,

Fall asleep next to me,

I was happy for her,

And I liked her new husband,

Who says that he,

Thinks of me as a sister.



My cutting scars,

I quickly told,

My dad and stepmother,

That on reaching the flat,

There was something,

I needed to tell them.

The End

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