The Bird in the BathroomMature

The Bird in the Bathroom

I had just finished,

Brushing my teeth,

Rinsed the toothbrush,

And placed it back,

In the pot,

When a movement,

It caught my eye.


I looked up,

And saw a flutter of wings,


Did I dart back,

and fled from the bathroom,

Shutting the door.


Normally I had,

No phobia of birds,

No fear of anything,

Except perhaps the dark,

Yet with a bird,

Flapping around near me,

I was terrified.


Realising I had left my glasses,

I opened the door an inch,

Yet darted back instinctively,

When I saw the flutter of wings,

And quickly closed the door.


I rang my mom's office,

But reached her voicemail,

So I left a message,

And hung up.

I dressed in my room,

And locking the door,

Knocked at the neighbours doors,

Yet they were not in.


This was unsuprising,

For I was unemployed,

And on jobseeeker's allowance.

As I pondered what to do,

A lady came by,

Pushing her bike.


I told her what happened,

And though reluctant,

To allow a stranger,

To cross my threshold,

As this was an emergency,

I accepted her offer of help.


I opened the door,

And involuntarily shrank back,

She went in,

And from what I gathered,

Threw the hand towel,

Over the bird,

Before opening the window,

And letting it out.


I was profusely grateful,

And even gave her a hug,

I wrote to my dad,

Of my adventure,

And when mom rang back,

Explained that all was now fine.


I never saw the lady again,

I like to imagine,

As does dad,

That God intervened,

And sent her to help me.

The End

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