Resisting TemptationMature

Resisting Temptation

I have never felt,

As much intensity,

Towards anyone,

As I have my stepfamily,

My stepmother, stepister,

Amd stepcousin in particular.


I wish my aunt, grandmother,

Even my mom,

That they would be more careful,

Of what they say,

Not speak without thinking,

For it would certainly save,

Any complications.


Though on the flip side,

I guess there wouldn't be,

So much material then,

For me to write about.


One time my mom,

Something disparaging,

Did she say,

Of Aunt Premala,

And under normal circumstances,

Could I have followed,

My dad's advice,

And just ignored it.


Yet for nearly four years,

Face to face,

I had not seen Aunt Premala.

I needed fresh memories,

Not old fading ones,

And I needed them desperately.


I was grateful for skype,

But skype did not allow,

Me to hug them.

That particular day,

My desire to see Aunt Premala,

It burned within me.


My dad was late,

For the skype chat,

As usual, while I waited,

I listened to Indian songs,

Yet for once,

I could not concentrate,

And kept breaking off,

To check if dad had e-mailed.


I suddenly had,

An insane urge,

To bombard dad,

With e-mail after e-mail,

Asking obsessively,

Are you online,

Ten, twelve e-mails,

Not unlike some stalker.


With difficulty,

I wrestled with this madness,

I knew that even dad,

Would freak out,

If dad's inbox was cluttered,

With persistent mails.


An hour I waited,

As usual,

And then with difficulty,

Composed an e-mail,

Saying it was okay,

There was always another day.


Luckily for me,

Aunt Premala remembered,

And rang me,

Explaining that,

They were watching,

Pride and Prejudice,

And had missed the time.


Her beautiful voice,

Calmed my desperation.

I thanked her for ringing,

Saying I love her,

And she replied,

"I love you too child".


This was a one off,

This crazy urge,

To overcommunicate,

It never happened again,

Though the very fact,

That I nearly stalked dad,

Still makes me shudder.

The End

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