Missing themMature

Missing them

Aunt Premala and Semanti,

I hadn't seen,

Face to face,

For nearly four years.


And the passion,

With which I love them,

I guess, made it inevitable,

That I would violently miss them.


Over at my gran's,

I sat on a stool,

In the centre of the kitchen,

Briefly wondering why,

That would depress me,

Before recalling that,

I last sat on a stool,

In Aunt Premala's flat.


With difficulty,

I dealt with this,

Yet at dinner,

My aunt's husband,

He sat in the left hand chair.


I briefly wondered,

Why that would depress me,

Before remembering that,

Aunt Premala,

She sat in a similar place.


With difficulty,

I acted normal,

Though folowing the meal,

I sat on the sofa beside Gabriel,

And asked,

"Why must life,

Be so complicated?

Why can't it be just simple?"

The End

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