Feelings of jealousyMature

Feelings of jealousy

Mom considered that,

I should in India reside,

A few months, to gain,

Valuable work experience.


Yet as much as I love,

My dad and stepfamily,

I felt threatened,

By the conservative culture,

The homophobic society,

In particular.


When mom wished to skype,

To my dad and stepfamily,

For the first time in my life,

I experienced feelings of jealousy,

They should be skyping to me,

I thought angrily,

They are mine after all.


I recalled when dad,

Was still in England,

My stepmother was bothered,

By the taxi driver,

Whom she had to fire,

Remembering this I bristled,

If only I were a guy,

If any taxi driver in England,

He chatted her up,

I'd have punched him in the mouth.


Another time,

When dad, Aunt Premala and Semanti,

They went to see a film,

A stranger dared,

To pinch her legs,

And she complained to dad,

Who traded places with her.


Dad folded up dad's trousers,

And stuck dad's leg out,

And the idiot at first,

Did not even realise,

And when he did,

He left without a word.


Though glad that dad,

Had handled it this way,

I bristled at the idea,

Of some stranger,

With his hands all over her legs,

I mentally pulled,

Aunt Premala to my side,

Ever protective.


I was glad in a way,

When my stepmother,

She told mom,

It wouldn't be practical,

And it would be,

Too tough for me.


Mom may have,

Taken it the wrong way,

Making it an excuse,

To claim she loves me more,

But I trust my stepmother,

As much as I do my dad,

And I would never choose,

To be in India,

More than a few weeks.

The End

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