Anna ButterflyMature

Anna Butterfly

At Caribbean Club,

I did befriend,

A fellow dancer,

By the name of,

Anna Butterfly.


Anna developed,

A major crush on me,

Which initially,

I couldn't reciprocate,

And I was unused,

To such a situation.


If it was me,

Holding the torch,

For a girl wanting friendship,

That I could handle,

Yet if it was,

The other way round,

It was hard to deal with.


I initially told her,

I value our friendship,

Yet she said sadly,

That she wanted to kiss me,

Feeling for her,

I consented to date her.


I did not mind,

Falling in love,

Or grrowing to love,

Mom was in favour,

 Of the latter,

Terming "in love"

As a western concept,

Yet I was fine with both.


I told Anna,

That in AL and RL,

I possessed different identities,

Jenny had known this,

Yet had never worked out,

What I meant,

And I don't think Anna did.


Anna thought it was fine,

As she had an RL boyfriend,

For my part, I didn't mind that,

Anna and I became a couple,

Only on AL of course,

And I certainly grew to love her,

Not the intense passion,

That I had for Jenny,

But a tender, affectionate, love.

The End

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