Mandie RobinMature

Mandie Robin

I recieved a notification,

That I had been matched up,

Delighted, I contacted Melissa,

Who ran the agency.


She confirmed,

That Mandie Robin,

She was my match,

Yet was currently offline.

I signed out,

And signed in later,

To find she was online.


On meeting Mandie,

I took her to one side,

And explained my situation.

On learning I had,

A dual identity,

She immediately guessed,

What I meant.


She asked me straight out,

If I was female in real life,

This I immediately confirmed,

Assuring her I understood,

If it meant she wouldn't date me.


Mandie smiled,

And explained she was bi,

I was deeply relieved,

I told her that I,

Would always possess,

A soft spot for Jenny.


Mandie was understanding,

Admitting that she,

Still cared for her ex,

Just in a different way.


I told her about Leslie,

Explaining that I,

Was at a loss,

To label what it was.


Mandie interpreted,

What happened as,

A form of loneliness,

That I followed him,

When he assumed a form,

I found pleasing to look on.


I thought she was right,

And we agreed,

We would take things slow,

Yet we ended up splitting,

For I was not onine,

As much as she would like,

And as she rightly said,

She would get lonely,

Yet to this day,

We are still good friends.

The End

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