Jenny suggests I move onMature

Jenny suggests I move on

Over on AL,

I now had a job,

Dancing in a club,

To earn AL currency.


Of course in RL,

I would not dream of that,

Yet the social dynamic,

Was different on AL,

Especially since,

I was posing as Juan.


Once as I,

Hung out with Jenny,

She did suggest,

That I move on.

Having loved her,

Without reciprocation,

For two years,

I felt she was right.


Yet I was afraid,

For if she ever,

Changed her mind,

And I was pledged,

She would be heartbroken,

And to this effect,

I wrote to her,

Also revealing,

She was my first AL love.


Jenny replied;


You are very passionate,

Yet better hope,

Must you have for yourself,

In both AL and RL.

It's ironic and strange,

But I am glad,

That you told me this,

For I hope that it will,

Make friendship less complicated,

Between us on AL".


Finally confident,

That my dating,

It wouldn't hurt Jenny,

I joined an agency,

Run by an AL couple,

And paid for a panel,

In my notecard,

I was truthful about,

Having different identities,

In AL and RL,

And about my asexuality.

The End

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