A terrible dreamMature

A terrible dream

We adjusted somewhat,

Mom and myself,

Yet we both knew,

Nothing would be the same.


Mom told me,

I need not worry,

About my material comfort,

I felt guilty,

Yet what could I do?

This wasn't my fault.


A few nights later,

Another nightmare I had,

It was midnight,

And the postman arrived,

To deliver the mail.


The postman witnessed,

An argument between,

My mom and me,

My mom yelled,

At the bewildered postman,

That she knew,

It was my stepmother,

That I really wanted.


I lost control,

And shoved her violently,

She fell down the stairs,

And I heard,

A sickening crack,

As her neck broke.


I awakened,

Trembling and terrified,

Yet fully determined,

To hand myself in,

Then my mom called,

And I realised with relief,

That it was just a dream.

The End

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