My mom's initial reaction,

Was running to the bathroom,

To be sick in the sink,

As she struggled to process,

A truth she had never known.


I guess I was sorry for her,

But I can't help how I feel,

And will never apologise for that,

I remember revealing,

With brutal honesty,

That I had never been jealous,

Of dad's remarriage to begin with.


Referring to my stepmother,

My mom said,

"I think you do,

Have a passion for her",

I nodded,

Unable to deny this.


"You weren't close enough,

You weren't close to me,

You didn't mind,

And you don't love me,

The way you love your dad,

And your dad always knew that".


I took full responsibility,

For the concealment,

Though my mom was indignant,

That my dad and stepmother,

They agreed to it,

And that before the marriage,

I had been in full contact,

With Aunt Premala.


In my turn,

I was furious,

My mom didn't own me,

And I had chosen,

Of my own free will,

To be in contact,

With Aunt Premala.


Honestly, I thought,

If only I were my dad,

I could have married her myself,

I could always,

Have had my stepfamily,

I love them just as much as dad,

And Aunt Premala,

She is truly like a mother to me.


My mom rang my aunt,

And her best friend,

Who tried to convince her,

That I love her too,

Just in a different way,

Though months later,

She ended up disagreeing.


My mom initially said,

If it is Aunt Premala I want,

She would let me be with her,

Sell the house,

Not stand in my way.


Horrified, I reminded her,

I could not live,

In a homophobic society,

However much I love,

My dad and stepfamily,

That in England,

Was I born and raised,

That in this instance,

My head must rule my heart.

The End

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