Mom finds out the truthMature

Mom finds out the truth

In my second university year,

I had started to volunteer,

At my local charity shop,

Choosing Saturday mornings,

So it would not interfere.


In the till I was trained,

And taught to steam clothing,

I priced and put out items,

Befriended the other volunteers,

Including two pensioners,

Who were also a married couple.


My mom suggested,

That I also volunteer,

At Oxfam bookshop,

Very opposed I was,

To this idea,

Though ironically now,

I love working there,

In fact more than the other.


I guess the true reason was,

A desire to disassociate myself,

From my mom, aunt and gran,

I found it oppressive, to be from,

A so called educated background,

Despite its obvious benefits.


I did not want to do anything,

That tied me to this family,

In terms of interests,

Despite the obvious inevitability,

Of sharing blood and genes.


As one thing led to another,

And the argument escalated,

My mom to her horror realised,

The true depth of my love,

For my stepfamily,

Especially Aunt Premala.


It was not unlike,

Some major soap reveal,

I recall the drama,

The heightened emotion,

As mom said

"You can't even bring yourself,

To say that you love me,

You've admitted it now".

The End

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