In Summer 2010,

I did graduate my English degree,

With a lower second class.


Wearing the college robes,

Of purple and black,

I collected my degree award,

And mom snapped a photo,

That I e-mailed to dad.


I recieved an e-mail,

From Aunt Premala,

Personally congratulating me,

My dad and stepsister,

Were also pleased for me.


Following my graduation,

My aunt and her husband,

My cousins and my gran,

They all moved nearer,

Taking a house,

Half way between,

My mom's house and the shops.


The attic was converted,

Into bedrooms for my cousins,

My gran had,

Her own personal space,

Within the house.


In a way I was glad,

For there would be,

No more tiring train journeys,

Nor the necessity,

Of actually staying with them.

The End

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