My aunt has another babyMature

My aunt has another baby

My aunt gave birth once more,

This time a girl,


Did my aunt name her.



Was too young,

For me to play with,

So I played with Gabriel,

Occasionally daydreaming,

Of my dad and stepfamily.


My gran let her hair down,

Looking amazingly,

Like my stepmother,

When she did so,

I told my grandnother,

That she looked nice,

With her hair down,

Yet inwardly smiled,

Knowing what I really meant.


My mom being there,

This made it easier.

When forced to accompany,

My mom and aunt,

On trips outside,

I obstinately imagined,

Dressing my aunt,

In Aunt Purjava's saris.


Of course I did enjoy the food,

Whenever we ate out,

And occasionally I imagined,

My stepsister or stepcousin,

Accompanying me.


In my mind's eye,

My stepsister would,

Walk beside me,

Radiant in her,

Orange salwar kameez,

Telling me to stay strong,

That she loves me.


On the final day,

When my mom and aunt,

They nagged me to help,

Turn the bed back to a sofa,

I turned around,

And imagined my stepmother,

Stood in the doorway,

Her gorgeous black hair loose,

Wearing her dark green sari.


In my imagination,

My stepmother nodded to me,

And taking a deep breath,

I moved forward,

Without complaint,

And put my strength into it.

The End

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