I get confusedMature

I get confused

As I once,

Hung out with Leslie,

I watched fascinated,

As he tried out,

Different kinds,

Of girly hair.


Gorgeous black hair,

Gorgeous brown hair,

Long, straight, sleek, shiny,

I was awed,

And in wonder,

Kept gazing at his hair.


Cerulean blue eyes,

Did this girl, I mean guy, have,

And often Leslie wore,

A long, black cat's tail,

To Leslie's amusement,

Whenever he looked girly,

I would inadvertently,

Start following him around.


I would also,

With his permission,

Click his cat tail,

That naturally swished,

In response to the mouse click.


This confused me,

I was asexual,

And only loved women,

In a romantic way,

So why was I,

So obviously attracted,

To this guy?


After much soul searching,

I decided I didn't love him,

And this wasn't a crush,

I wasn't attracted to him sexually,

Just drawn to him aesthetically,

And fascinated by,

His girly looks and behaviour.


We had little in common,

And whenever he,

Looked and dressed as a guy,

I treated him normally,

Only following him,

If he looked or behaved feminine.


Despite his occasional flirting,

I refused to sleep with him,

So he gave up,

And acted normally like me,

I maintained a friendship with him,

Despite the strange situation.

The End

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