Madeline NightingaleMature

Madeline Nightingale

As I explored AL,

I chanced to meet,

A girl from Brazil,

Whom I befriended.


Madeline Nightingale,

Was her name,

And to this day,

Am I still her friend.


When Jenny,

She started dating,

George Raven,

I adjusted to the situation.


I met George,

And liked him,

I felt no jealousy,

Though to my asexuality,

I attributed this,

And to my acceptance,

That Jenny wanted friendship.


I still danced,

Friendship dances with Jenny,

Slow dance, waltz, sequence,

And if the dance changed,

Instantly I pressed the ball,

Restoring it to friendship dance.


Whenever I felt,

A rush of emotion,

I would say,

That George was,

The luckiest guy in the world,

And I would always,

Be Jenny's best friend.


I mentioned to Madeline,

My coping mechanism,

And Madeline replied,

"Actually you love her",

I responded,

"I did, I do,

But she can't reciprocate".

The End

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