More A.L. friendsMature

More A.L. friends

Within days of knowing her,

I passionately begged Jenny,

To be my A.L. girlfriend,

She declined, saying,

She loves me as a friend.


This did I accept,

And we stayed friends,

I did not idealise Jenny,

As I had Hillary,

And no longer did I,

Speak openly of my love for her.


Jenny was Queen,

Of a roleplaying sim,

And introduced me,

To the sim owners,

Damian and Kirsty,

An A.L. couple.


Selby introduced me,

To another A.L. couple,

Jack and Rose,

Whom I befriended.

Previously had a lycan,

Fooled me into,

Giving up my soul to him,

And becoming a blood doll.


Selby and Jack,

They helped me out of that,

I lieged to Rose,

Transferring my soul to her,

By my own choice,

I remained human,

Though continued to be,

A member of their group.


I forgave the lycan,

Though having,

Little in common,

We inevitably drifted apart,

And a year later,

When Selby's computer broke down,

I lost my best buddy,

Though I retained him,

On my friend list,

In case he should ever return.

The End

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