Jenny BluebirdMature

Jenny Bluebird

Not long after,

I befriended Selby,

I did meet,

A gorgeous girl.


Her avatar, it bore,

Such a striking resemblance,

To Hillary Thornton,

Though Jenny's eyes,

They were emerald green,

Not deep brown.


Her gorgeous hair,

Long, straight, dark brown,

I couldn't take my eyes off it,

She offered to show me,

Japan Tempura Ballroom,

And willingly I went.


An IM I recieved,

From Selby,

And I responded,

That another day,

Could we hang out,

For I had a date.


He laughed,

And replied,

That he couldn't,

Hold that against me.


In my male avatar,

I danced with Jenny,

Falling for her,

Faster than I dreamed,

Songs rang out,

Romantic songs,

That I later learnt,

Were sung by Kelly Sweet.


Ready For Love,

We Are One,

Days later,

I introduced,

Selby and Jenny,

We were like,

Harry, Ron and Hermionie,

The way we hung out.

The End

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