Internet DatingMature

Internet Dating

On the asexuality forum,

Where I had a free account,

Under an assumed name,

I was e-mailed by Lily.


Lily like me,

Was asexual,

And romantically inclined,

Only to women.


I was very honest with her,

Regarding my situation,

Admitting that I would,

Like to pursue,

A romantic relationship,

But that it would not be easy.


However following a few e-mails,

She broke up with me,

She later explained it,

After all I was in England,

And she in America,

And neither of us would move,

And she knew that.


I understood,

Yet recalling that,

She had told me not to worry,

About my family,

That she would explain,

I could not help,

Weeping a little,

Over this lost chance.


Jo also wrote to me,

Yet we fell apart,

After a while,

She ceased replying,

So I ended it,

Asking her to write,

If she wanted us to reunite,

But she never did.


Finally Sophia,

Yet little in common,

Did we have,

And though I plucked up,

The courage to ring her,

And she seemed nice,

I couldn't deal with the idea,

Of something developing,

Of having to lie,

To my dad and stepfamily,

Of dragging her home,

To introduce her to mom,

Of having to explain this,

To everyone I knew,

In one form or another,

So I finished with her.

The End

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