More CrushesMature

More Crushes

Following my second India visit,

A ReConnectMe Account had I made,

ReConnectMe, it was,

A social networking website,

Where with old friends,

And even family,

One could reconnect.


At 21, I regained touch,

With a girl whose existence,

I had half forgotten,

Hillary's best friend Katherine.


At eight We had fallen out,

Yet at twenty one,

On casting eyes on her photo,

A strong crush on her I had,

In many ways she resembled Hillary,

Long, straight, dark brown hair,

Deep brown eyes, slender figure.


I e-mailed her a few times,

Seeking a friendship at least,

Yet she never replied,

I backed off,

Afraid she would,

Accuse me of stalking,

Though according to Hillary,

She was probably busy,

I have not asked her again,

Though I often think of her.


At university,

One of the girls in my group,

She caught my eye,

Holly Smith her name was,

What I noticed first and most,

Were her eyes,

A gorgeous hazel they were,

Her hair ginger brown and wavy.


I sought her out,

And was disappointed,

She was not on ReConnectMe,

And only to friends,

Did she give out her mobile number,

I asked whether,

She wanted to make a new friend,

She said no,

And with difficulty,

Did I back off,

And though I never asked again,

I could not help,

Occasionally glancing at her.

The End

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