I start to envy my dadMature

I start to envy my dad

It was around this time,

That for the first time in my life,

I started to envy my dad,

As a straight man,

Dad had hetro privilige,

Did not need to face,

Any of the problems I faced.


Dad had my stepfamily,

All the time,

As a man,

Lacked certain vurnerabilities,

That women possessed,

Had no disabilities.


Dad didn't need,

To speak to my aunt and gran,

Unless dad wished to.

I deeply admired,

My dad's confidence,

In social situations.


Okay dad may have lots of friends,

But no close friends,

May lack social awareness,

Yet these things were minor.

Dad had privileges,

I myself would kill to possess.


By dad's own admittance,

Dad had no inhibitions,

Was self confident,

Had no worry,

About what others thought.


Dad had purpose in life,

A sense of direction,

A job dad loved,

A family dad loved,

And could always be with,

A family I love,

Just as much as dad does.


I once declared to dad,

If I could swap lives with anyone,

It would be dad.

Dad laughed and teased,

That I was sneaky,

For I wanted to be with my stepmother,

I laughed alongside,

Yet my soul surged,

For my dad was right,

It was part of my motive.

The End

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