Career FrustrationMature

Career Frustration

Teaching English,

Had my childhood dream been,

While writing on the side,

Yet as I grew older,

I realised it wasn't for me.


As a sixth former,

I had enjoyed,

Helping out in lessons,

Helping out,

In homework club.


On a one to one basis,

Was I fine,

Yet the idea,

Of supervising trips,

Of classroom discipline,

It was daunting.


When my aunt,

Had criticised my teaching desire,

I had been heartbroken,

Not that my aunt believed it,

She thought I was self pitiful,

This was back when I was seventeen,

Even now,

Though civil and cordial with my aunt,

I expect very little from her.


I vaguely considered,

Working in an office like dad,

While pursuing a hobby,

Maybe Drama or Counselling,

As I was attracted to both,

I refused point blank to be,

A publisher or editor,

I wanted nothing that tied me,

To my mom, aunt or grandmother.

The End

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