A scary nightmareMature

A scary nightmare

I attempted to co-operate,

With my aunt and gran,

In the hope that time,

Would go more swiftly,

And I could,

Return home sooner.


Yet this wasn't easy,

For my gran objected,

To my folding my arms,

As I walked,

Whereas my mom,

She wouldn't have noticed,

So by my sides,

I allowed my arms to hang,

Trying to ignore the discomfort.


My plan worked,

For time flew by,

And home did I return,

I admit the first day back,

I did cut,

Out of anger and indignation,

Yet afterwards it stopped,

For it was far rarer now.


Though normality resumed,

A scary nightmare I had,

I dreamt an intruder,

Broke into my house.

I was in the kitchen,

And from the shadowy figure,

I backed away,

Till I reached,

The kitchen counter.


I reached over my shoulder,

And seized a knife,

From the wooden block,

The one I normally used,

To cut myself with,

And in a moment of fear,

Did I stab the intruder,

And carry on sstabbing,

Till he fainted at my feet.


I awakened shaking,

Yet relieved to find,

It was only a nightmare,

This one I told mom of,

I guess it was similar,

To Dial M For Murder,

For she reached behind,

For the scissors,

As she was strangled.


I was thrown by,

The fact that I used,

The knife I cut myself with,

To stab an intruder,

In the dream.

I rarely remember my dreams,

And usually those I do recall,

They are rubbish,

Yet I guess,

After that eventful holiday,

Such a nightmare,

Is by no means unusual.

The End

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