They think they know bestMature

They think they know best

During that time,

When my aunt in particular,

She successfully confused me,

Over my great grandmother,

After making sure,

She would not be jealous,

I admitted some of the truth.


Namely that I was never,

Jealous of dad's remarriage,

That I passionately love my stepfamily,

Even of my promise to Aunt Premala,

And to be fair,

She did take it well,

And promised not to tell mom.


At least one good thing,

Emerged from all this,

My aunt and grandmother,

Gave me their word,

Not to criticise my dad,

And they didn't.


I remember,

When my great grandmother,

She had once told me,

That despite mom and dad divorcing,

She still loves dad,

I allowed my true emotions to show,

And gave her a huge hug,

In gratitude infinite.


Despite my aunt's acceptance,

She still thought she knew best,

Trying to persuade me,

To move to India permanently.


I know now,

She did that to spite mom,

Out of jealousy,

But though I refused,

I did not feel like pointing out,

To someone sceptical of my sexuality,

That in a homophobic society,

I could not reside,

However much,

I love my dad and stepfamily.

The End

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