I'll never forgive themMature

I'll never forgive them

I still cannot forgive,

My aunt and grandmother,

For what they did,

Even though now,

Everything has toned down.


As usual were they irritated,

At my sitting with,

My great grandmother,

My aunt with her arrogance,

My grandmother,

With her stupid irritating manner.


All this nonsense,

About my great grandmother,

Supposedly being manipulative,

And always making jibes,

At my grandad while he was alive,

If anyone was responsible,

For the atmosphere in that house,

It was my aunt.


My grandad may have,

Liked the idea of being a family,

Yet he did not mean,

A family dominated by my aunt.


I am sorry to say,

My aunt and grandmother,

They confused me,

Into ignoring her completely,

And that was the last time,

That I saw my great grandmother,

Before she grew old and died.


To be fair,

My mom did,

Severely reprimand them,

And promised me,

That I need never,

Stay there alone again.


However, I must admit,

Plenty happened during that visit,

In creative writing,

I wrote a screenplay about it,

Which earned me 54 marks,

And one of a collection,

Of poems I wrote,

Was also about,

My great grandmother,

And the poems,

They earned me 68 marks.

The End

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