I finally move on from HillaryMature

I finally move on from Hillary

At twenty one did I,

Meet up with Hillary once more,

We had a drink,

And a photo of her I snapped.


She had completely forgotten,

Our conversation at eighteen,

And I did not remind her,

Yet finally accepted fully,

That she was straight,

And always would be,

And she could never love me.


She had a different boyfriend,

To the one she dated at eighteen,

Aparrently she split with the first guy,

Because they wanted diffferent things.


I enjoyed my drink with her,

And wished her well,

But realising our paths had diverged,

And we no longer,

Had anything in common,

I did not ask to see her again.


I once ran into her on the bus,

And I still feel a tendeness,

Whenever I see or speak to her,

Or if I ask her mom about her,

Though I have now,

Well and truly moved on.

The End

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