My cousin's flattering mistakeMature

My cousin's flattering mistake

My Uncle's son,

In other words my cousin,

The one who was reluctant,

To wish me happy birthday,

Because I would wish it him back,

He paid a visit to India,

Along with his parents.


There was he introduced,

To my gran and great gran,

And according to my mom,

On my dad's younger sister,

In other words my aunt,

Introducing them to him,

He claimed he thought,

I was blood related to my stepfamily.


Outwardly calm,

Yet inwardly flattered,

I asked my mom,

If my gran was angry with him,

The which mom denied,

Yet later I wrote to dad,

Admitting I was flattered,

And that my cousin was,

A scholar and a gentleman.


Actually it is not surprising,

That he had this impression,

Occasionally from a distance,

Semanti physically resembles my dad,

And I resemble Aunt Premala,

Even visitors comment on that,

Which is remarkable,

Given the lack of blood line.

The End

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