I find films in common with momMature

I find films in common with mom

My promise to Aunt Premala,

It had helped,

As I took more responsibility,

For the housework.


At twenty,

It grew easier still,

As mom and I,

We found DVDs in common.


Morse, Poirot, Miss Marple,

Lewis and Sherlock Holmes,

Alfred Hitchcock classics,

With a touch of Fawlty Towers,

Along with Blackadder The Third,

And the obvious literary classics.


Some don't take me seriously,

When I point this out,

Yet in many ways,

I am in Catherine Earnshaw's role.


Think about it,

She married Edgar Linton,

Because he was young and rich,

Handsome, pleasant to be with,

And she enjoyed what he could give her,

Parties, social status, material comfort,

And in the black and white film,

She liked him though she did not love him.


Unlike Catherine Earnshaw,

I'm not selfish or self centred,

And I did not create this situation,

Yet just as she had a passion for,

A strong connection with, Heathcliff,

I love my dad and am close to dad,

And my stepfamily I love passionately,

My emotional pull,

It is towards them,

Just as Cathy's was towards Heathcliff.


I may not love my mom,

As I do my stepmother,

Yet I genuinely enjoy,

Watching DVDs with her,

As Cathy enjoyed,

Spending time with Linton.


I reside in England,

Because I was born and raised here,

Because of the liberal society,

That is more accepting of same sex love,

The freedom and independence,

And yes I canot deny,

That I have material comfort,

And am glad of it,

Yet do you see now the paralels?

The End

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