I write a short storyMature

I write a short story

My creative writing module,

It encompassed,

Writing a short story,

Though accustomed,

To writing longer stories,

I determined,

To give it a go.


In Good Wives,

Mr Bhaer,

To Jo March,

Did advise,

That she write from life,

And with this,

Did I agree,

And since, a short story,

I would use,

Only a portion of my life.


The night of July 16th,

And the night of August 11th,

Did I merge,

Into one night,

Removing the complication,

Of the depression,

That I used to have.


Both my name and Semanti's

Did I alter,

Giving a truthful account,

Of what happened that night,

Careful to set the atmosphere.


When asked to make,

Some slight alterations,

To the original discourse,

I did hesitate,

For it was too personal,

Yet I assured myself,

That it wouldn't change history,

And the necessary changes,

I did make.


62 marks,

This true short story,

It did score,

When to mom I mentioned,

That I write,

From life experience,

She said,

That I didn't have any,

I smiled at the irony.


Of the world out there,

I have little experience,

That is true,

Yet my life,

I can say without vanity,

Is most interesting.

The End

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