At Winchester University,

Did I enroll,

Initially I intended,

To do a joint honours,

In English and Drama.


Yet I changed my mind,

And went for just English,

Occasionally did I despise,

My lack of spatial awareness,

My own genetic makeup,

For standing in my way.


A creative writing module,

An English Language module,

And Victorian Fictions,

Were among those I picked.


Referencing was for me,

A huge problem,

And a different style,

Was I forced to use,

From that at A level.


After my language essay,

Was e-mailed back thrice,

Reeling with stress,

Deciding it was an emergency,

I slipped downstairs,

And cut once more,

Just a few shallow slashes.


I had assured Semanti,

That the cutting,

It had slowed down,

And for months I could stop,

And only in an emergency,

Would I pursue it.


Finally I arranged to meet,

The Head of English,

Who suggested to me,

A point, quote, reason tactic,

With me referencing,

Only quoted sentences,

To this did I agree,

And finally my problem,

It was solved.

The End

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