The Visit EndsMature

The Visit Ends

All in all,

A wonderful visit,

Though not Christian,

I naturally considered,

The conservative culture,

The homophobic society,

To be the serpent,

In the paradise,

Of being with the family I love.


I remember earlier in the visit,

When Semanti was still there,

One morning I awakened early,

And watched her sleep beside me,

How beautiful Semanti looked,

And for the first time,

I saw her as a gorgeous girl,

A girl of nineteen,

Only slightly younger than me,

My eyes lingered over her hair,

And I felt a tug at my heart,

I leaned over her,

And kissed her on the forehead.


Not much else occured,

Other than a tension headache,

My dad rubbed my forehead with Wicks,

On the end of my bed,

Did my stepmother sit,

In her dark green sari,

With her gorgeous hair all loose,

And stayed with me,

Until I fell asleep.


Leaving, it was,

Initially heartbreaking,

So I was glad when,

My usual routine,

It distracted me.

The End

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