My Second India VisitMature

My Second India Visit

My second India visit,

I do still recall,

My dad and stepmother,

At the airport,

They met me.


In the front seat,

With the driver,

Did my dad sit.

My stepmother and I,

In the back.

My sandalls I slipped off,

Lifting my feet,

Onto the seat.


I put my head,

In Aunt Premala's lap,

And gazed into her eyes,

Before dozing off,

Yet only so much,

Could I sleep,

On a journey.


Soon was I,

Wide awake once more,

A word game we played,

My stepmother's invention,

Word Endings,

Sparrow, Window, Water,

You get the idea.


It was on this visit,

That ReConnect Me I discovered,

A social networking website,

Whereby you regain touch

With family and friends,

And yet another site,

Where free videos you could see,

And if you made a free account,

Have favourites,

Even playlists.

The End

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