A Time Of NormalityMature

A Time Of Normality

For the following year and a half,

Did normality resume,

It was with difficulty,

That I interested myself in politics,

For previously,

It had not appealed to me.


In my first year,

Had there been two guys,

In our Drama goup,

Yet they left,

And an all girls group we had.


This limited our options,

As we were not allowed to play men,

At least not outside of Drama excersises.

Due to my minor handicaps,

I lacked spatial awareness,

Yet we managed to adjust around that.


I genuinely made an effort,

Yet the grades went up and down,

A in one module, U in another,

Well you can imagine,

It all averaged out,

Into two D's and an E.


I guess Drama was a challenge,

Much as I enjoyed it,

Due to my introverted personality,

I only really got generalities,

Rather than specifics,

Of human interaction.


Some parts I played well,

Like Shakespeare's Helena,

And the way she clung to Demetrius,

Though I guess Titania,

She came across as cliched,

Since I could not relate,

To falling in love with men.


I now sometimes think,

Were I in a situation,

Where my true sexuality,

It was accepted by all,

Without the slightest reserve,

I would become more sociable,

And be able to act better,

After all McKellen loved men,

However many women he acted with.

The End

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