I am asked to extend my stayMature

I am asked to extend my stay

I had counted,

On returning home,

Two days to myself,

Until my mom's return,

And after that,



So it was with horror,

That I recieved,

My aunt's suggestion

To extend my stay,

Until my mom's return.


I attempted to disuade her,

Strangely enough,

I now remember little of this,

My stepmother was right,

When she said,

Time heals most wounds.


What I do recall,

Is that the disappointment,

In losing two days alone,

And my general inability,

To relax around,

My aunt and grandmother,

Cost me many tears.


If they had been sensible,

Allowing me time and space,

To compose myself,

And not said anything,

But no my aunt and gran,

They had to be judgemental.


Weakened consistently,

By unrelenting tears,

Perhaps my aunt was right to say,

I wasn't fit to travel,

Yet fortunately for me,

The ticket could not be altered.


I still remember her harsh words,

When to the railway station,

She accompanied me,

That I was a deceitful depressive,

Who went round,

Saying different things,

To different people.


I begged my aunt,

Not to say anything to mom,

And she responded,

That mom wouldn't believe her anyway,

Her answer to my condition,

Was to take much excersise,

I was glad to get on the train,

Where I attempted to heal myself.


On my return home,

I noticed some tins,

I had forgotten to recycle,

Picking up one,

I did run it,

Over my wrist,

Creating a deep cut.


This time,

The water did not,

Wash the blood away,

For every time,

I removed my wrist,

From the running tap,

The blood rose up once more.


Scared, I went upstairs,

And quickly placed,

A plaster over this wound,

Before feeling guilty,

Over breaking my word to Semanti,

Yet hadn't I told her?

ThatI could not,

Guarantee a promise,

That I dared not give my word,

In case I broke it.


I vowed that this,

It would not occur again,

I owed it to Semanti.

When my aunt rang,

I once more denied,

My love for Hillary was distorted,

This did she accept,

But placed the blame,

On my dad going to India.

I rolled my eyes,

And made no reply.


As I expected,

An internet chat,

With my dad and stepfamily,

Was enough to heal me,

And by the evening,

Was I emotionally,

Back to normal.

The End

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