My new A levels,

I studied with a will,

Always was I ready,

To accept responsibility,

For my own choices.


That Christmas was mom,

Obliged to go to America,

As part of her work,

This I did not mind,

For I did enjoy,

Having the house to myself.


Yet a twist of fate was there,

For my aunt with her husband fell out,

And my cousin Gabriel,

He longed to have me there.


Despite having a presentiment,

That staying with my aunt and gran,

Without my mom present,

Was not a good idea,

My reservations did I,

Put to one side.


Yet I was proven right,

I notice I almost always am,

I recall at one point,

When I was reluctant to go,

On a social visit,

My aunt quite childishly,

Said of me and my great grandmother,

That we could stay at home,

And have a lesbian relationship.


They say such silly things,

And then waste time wondering,

Why I prefer,

My dad and stepfamily as people,

Why don't they use their brain?

Yet this was years ago,

And things have now mellowed out.


At one point,

Did my grandmother,

Let down her hair,

After washing it,

And so closely did she,

Resemble my stepmother,

In physical appearance,

That I felt sorry for her,

Until she irritated me again.

The End

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