I tell Hillary the truthMature

I tell Hillary the truth

In early September,

Did I meet up with Hillary,

Much had she changed,

From how I remembered her.


Her hair clipped short,

Much taller, more womanly,

I remembered my surprise,

On learning she had a boyfriend,

Yet did I strongly believe,

That if you truly love someone,

You want them to be happy,

Even if it is not with you.


I told her of my asexuality,

And my love for women,

And covered my true feelings,

By maintaining that,

I would always be her best friend.


Yet she worked it out,

And asked me if I loved her,

Reluctant to tread,

On her boyfriend's territory,

I initially backtracked.


Yet desiring to be truthful,

After cross checking,

That neither Hillary nor Ralph,

That they would mind,

I finally confessed the truth.


She admitted she was straight,

And could not reciprocate,

This did I accept,

Yet at the time,

Was still unable to let go,

Of my own  love for her,

Despite agreeing to stay friends.


I explained to Hillary,

Her previous reaction,

Hillary admitted that,

She was very young back then,

And had a boy told her,

It wouldn't have mattered.

I understood.

The End

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