A Level ResultsMature

A Level Results

On my return to England,

My promise to Aunt Premala,

Straight away did I,

Put into practise.


More responsibility I took,

For the housework,

Which meant there was less reason,

To argue with mom.


Strangely enough,

Did I feel like dad,

Whenever I did ironing.


Although Mom and I,

We still had conflict,

Whenever she wished,

To show me how to do things,

More in control was I.


World wars there were still,

Yet the violence grew much less,

I might still lunge at her or slap her,

Yet this was rarer.


The wooden block,

Of kitchen knives,

I initially moved,

To the back of a cupboard,

Yet mom needed them,

So to their original place,

Did I restore them,

Yet I tried to ignore them,

For Semanti's sake.


In August my A level results,

They did come out,

English was a strong B,

In fact only 6 marks off an A,

Yet was I content with B,

And did not want,

To risk my grade.


To my surprise, Religious Studies,

Did I scrape with an E,

Despite the awkwardness surrounding,

The subject questioning.

My belief in God, fate and life after death.


ICT, I naturally failed,

Yet this did not surprise me,

Too technical had it been,

And I still had it at AS,

In the GCSE Maths Resit,

Yet another E I recieved.


Impossible to attend university,

With a single B,

So I applied for college,

Choosing A levels that interested me.


Psychology naturally,

And coincidentally,

Semanti too liked it,

Drama too was a given,

As I was attracted to it,

And finally on learning,

Government and Politics,

Hillary had studied at A level,

I picked that too.

The End

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