The day after my birthday,

Aunt Premala and Semanti,

They had to leave,

To sign in at Semanti's university.


Initially strong I remained,

As I hugged them goodbye,

Yet on my return to the flat,

I grew depressed and lonely,

Despite dad being with me.


For my dad's sake,

Did I try my level best,

To contain myself.

Yet whenever I glanced,

At where Aunt Premala and Semanti,

They usually sat,

Tears rose to my eyes,

And spilled over.


Cousin Anita made me promise,

That I would not cry,

Emotionally fragile as I was,

I did my best,

Reminding myself,

At least my dad,

Aunt Purjava and Cousin Anita,

That they were with me.


At one point,

Did I squeeze dad's hand,

Reminding dad,

That dad was the luckiest guy in the world.


When it came time,

To return to mom,

Dad reminded me,

To act normal,

Not to be too depressed,

And to this I agreed.


Despite my breaking heart,

I crushed my passionate love,

For Aunt Premala and Semanti,

Telling my mom, aunt and gran,

That I had a lovely time,

Careful to keep my voice light and casual.


It was such a relief,

To return to England,

To be distracted by my routine,

So the pain of parting,

Would not be so raw.


On the return journey,

Remembering my promise,

I tried to put my hand on mom's,

Yet this didn't feel right,

So I quickly took it off.

The End

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