The night of July 16th 2004Mature

The night of July 16th 2004

The night before my eighteenth birthday,

I was consumed with guilt,

My stepfamily's kindness,

It melted my heart,

And how had I repaid them?

By lying and keeping secrets.


Fresh tears, they flowed,

From my eyes, down my cheeks,

I lay as still as possible,

Not allowing my words to tremble,

But Semanti reached out,

And touched my cheek,

And, realising I was crying,

Began weeping herself.


Shocked, I begged her not to,

She assumed wrongly,

My mom, aunt and gran,

Had rubbished them again,

Sick of the lies,

I admitted that wasn't the reason,

Saying I couldn't tell her.


"I'm your sister"

Semanti pointed out,

I hesitated,

And slowly explained to her,

About the depression,

And the cutting,

Though diliberately vague,

As to the cause.


Semanti was heartbroken,

And implored me not to cut,

I dared not give my word,

In case I was obliged to break it,

But said that I would try,

I pulled her into a hug,

Wiping away her tears.


At the time Semanti believed,

Dad would collapse if dad knew,

And promised to keep my secret,

Dad was up working late,

And on hearing our voices came in,

I made up some nonsense,

About it being hot,

Semanti turning up the fan,

And us not being able to sleep.


When dad left,

I soothed and quieted Semanti,

Giving thanks to God,

For allowing me,

To confide this much at least.

In each other's arms,

Did we fall fast asleep.

The End

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