I relate a dreamMature

I relate a dream

A dream did I have,

Following the article I read,

About the transexual.


I was sitting in a train,

And as the miles went by,

I turned slowly masculine,

Until the train at a station stopped,

I stepped out fully male,

And there to meet me,

Were my dad and stepfamily,

Who recognised me,

Despite my sex change,

And I was finally able to tell them,

That I love women.


This dream did I relate,

To my dad and stepsister,

Obviously leaving out,

The part in which,

I told them my true sexuality.


Alone with Semanti,

I caught her hand,

And told her, the dream,

I could make it come true,

Should she wish it,

She naturally did not understand,

And in her society,

I dared not speak plainer.


I metaphorically,

Made dad the same offer,

And I suspect dad guessed,

For dad did tell me,

I would never in this life,

Become a man,

So my generous offer,

I regretfully scrapped,

Though I still retained,

A desire to,

Wear clothing of both genders.

The End

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