Awkward momentsMature

Awkward moments

It was absolutely heavenly,

Cousin Aadesh was absent,

Studying medicine at university,

Yet everyone else,

They were present.


I love them all,

So so much,

Semanti's best friend,

She did ring,

Yet the line,

It had disturbance.


Unable to recall the word,

I said to everyone's mirth,

That the telephone line,

It must be crooked.


Previously had I,

Written a story,

Of another world, universe, life,

Where I was male,

Blood related,

To my stepfamily,

As well as my dad,

And with Hillary.


This story,

Such a success had it been,

Yet, an awkward moment did arise,

When unknowingly,my stepmother's dad,

He asked me,

Who was the fifth person.


This problem I dealt with,

By saying truthfully,

Some of it was real,

Some made up,

Yet from that moment,

Did I swear to myself,

Never to send my writings,

To my dad and stepfamily,

Unless they be specially tailored,

To something that their society,

Permitted them to understand.


Such censorship,

It pained me,

Yet was it necessary,

And another time,

My stepmother did ask me,

If I was interested in boyfriends.


I truthfully denied this,

And found that Semanti,

She wasn't either,

I was then advised,

To go to university,

Make new friends,

As well as retaining contact,

With old friends,

And to let them have the boyfriends,

If they wanted to.


Awkwardly did I agree,

My dad unwittingly,

Caused me awkwardness,

By telling Aunt Alpana,

About the bully that fancied me,

And saying that,

I told him I like girls.


Amazed dad would say this,

In a homophobic society,

Yet grateful that,

My dad acknowledged my identity,

To be safe I maintained,

That I wanted to stay single.


Yet, I did agree,

When my dad mentioned,

That I find girls more trustworthy.


I love my stepmother's hair,

Semanti and Cousin Anita's too,

Frequently did I gaze at it,

I often cuddled up to them,

Put my head on their shoulder or lap,

With their permission,

Did I sometimes,

Stroke their gorgeous hair.

The End

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