I finally meet my stepfamilyMature

I finally meet my stepfamily

As the driver drove,

I cuddled up to dad,

And stared in awe,

At the passing palms.


We lunched at Aunt Amala's,

And then continued,

On to my stepmother's flat,

My dad played a casette,

Of Indian songs,

Just as in the old days.


Aunt Premala rang,

And my dad said,

We were on our way,

I took the phone,

And spoke to my stepsister,

Assuring her she could sleep,

If too tired,

But she said she'd stay up.


My true passion,

For Aunt Premala and Semanti,

It rose within me,

Ovewrwhelmed with emotion,

I chided myself,

For doubting them,

For doubting I love them.


I remember when I arrived,

Even now I recall,

Poor dad stood like an outsider,

While my stepmother and stepsister,

They embraced me,

The chemistry of that double hug,

It was extraordinary.


We landed on the sofa,

My eyes sparkling,

Breathless, speechless, excited,

"It's heaven" I gasped,

I sat on the bed,

Aunt Premala and Semanti,

Sitting on either side,

My dad standing in front of us.


Fumbling, I handed them,

The wine red placemats,

The Indian sweets,

I quoted off Catherine Earnshaw,

"Let time stop,

Stand still and never move again",

Though dad reminded me,

To be happy with what I have.


Oh even now recalling,

My heart skips a beat,

My stomach fills with butterflies,

I love them,

I really love them, all of them,

Oh I am theirs,

I could never be anyone else's,

You know that,

I know you do.

The End

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