I go to IndiaMature

I go to India

My grandad's old house,

It had been sold,

The swing outside,

To the neighbours donated.


A small flat,

Had my gran purchased,

There did mom and I go.


I must admit,

My mom and my gran,

Their canine remarks,

Concerning my obvious need,

To adapt to a different environment,

When staying with my stepfamily,

Seriously got on my nerves.


Despite my implicit trust,

In my dad and stepfamily,

And my obvious love for them,

I was only human,

And a small part of me,

It wondered whether,

I would be as happy with them,

As I thought I would be.


I guess that is the trouble,

When the truth radically differs,

From what a person thinks it is,

After all we must remember,

At the time, my mom had no idea,

How much I really love my stepfamily.


The night I spent at the flat,

The following morning,

My dad arrived to collect me,

"Ah my bones are cracking"

Dad's natural response,

To a hug that squashed dad flat.


Dad enquired about my scaly feet,

Perfectly visible through my sandalls,

And when my mom explained,

Dad did joke,

"It's no good burning your legs and feet",

I laughed alongside,

And set off with dad,

Assuring myself that whatever mom said,

I love and trust,

My dad and stepfamily.

The End

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