I consider a huge sacrificeMature

I consider a huge sacrifice

Following my mom's help,

An adequate project I submitted,

Then at my gran's, in a magazine,

I happened to read a true story.


It concerned a transexual,

A guy who transitioned to a girl,

I found myself wondering,

If this process worked in reverse.


Once home,

Extensive research did I do,

On crossdressing, hormonal treatment,

Even sex reassignment surgery,

Despite reading,

On every website,

That for percieved cultural advantages,

This was disallowed,

I thought over my predicament.


I desperately longed,

To be open about my sexuality,

To be accepted,

To tell my stepfamily the truth.


I recalled a quotation,

From Pandora and the Flying Dutchman,

"The measure of love,

Is what one is willing to give up for it"

How far would I go,

For my dad and stepfamily?


If their society,

Only accepted men loving women,

Then perhaps...

I glanced down at myself,

Imagined my new form,

With scars on a bare chest,

It initially felt weird,

Yet my mind adjusted to the possibility.


Did I love them enough,

To risk my life on an operating table?

To give up long hair, jewellery,

Beautiful skirts and dresses,

To adjust to life as a man,

Mentally and physically?

The answer was yes,

And the offer it was open,

One word from them,

And I'd start the ball rolling.

The End

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