I support a friendMature

I support a friend

In the sixth form,

Did I relax more,

Given that all,

Who had been immature,

They had left.


I formed strong friendships,

With Lexie and Karen,

Lexie shared all three of my A levels,

Karen only English Literature,

And Religious Studies.


I even chatted occasionally,

To a guy called Gerald,

Though in the same year group,

We had not previously,

Crossed each other's path.


I tried for sixth form counsellor,

A role that dad believed,

Would for me be ideal,

Sadly too many applicants there were,

And I could not do it.


Lexie did not get it either,

However Karen did and I was glad,

Karen thought,

Both Lexie and I should have got it,

Though I was glad that,

At least Karen got in.


In the careers library,

Lexie opened up to me,

About problems she used to have,

Her ex boyfriend,

He bullied her outside school.


I was surprised,

For the boy in question,

He had always been nice to me,

And ironically,

The boy that had bullied me,

He knew and he helped Lexie.


Lexie confessed to me,

She used to be a cutter,

But never cut so it bled,

I was there for her,

Though I admittted,

That I was not a cutter,

Which at the time was true.


I also briefly,

Knew another cutter.

She had problems with dyslexia,

And later killed herself,

When I was eighteen.

I was shocked,

Though not close enough,

To be really upset,

When Lexie e-mailed me the news.

The End

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