The Fan HeaterMature

The Fan Heater

During the autumn,

And now in the winter,

Bitterly cold it turned,

So the central heating,

We did have on.


Yet, this was not much help,

For my desk,

It was not near the central heating,

So the fan heater I fetched,

And warmed my feet,

As I studied,

Or used the computer.


Unfortunately for me,

Did this turn addictive,

And strange scales,

Did on my feet appear,

From extensive use,

Of our fan heater.


I ignored them,

And continued to use it,

Until the Christmas holidays,

When my mom, aunt and gran,

They saw my scaly feet,

And the fan heater,

It was banned.


Against the central heating,

Did I now lean when cold,

And this did no harm,

Though in cold weather,

Occasonally would I slow down,

So mom joked that,

 I was a reptile.

The End

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