Out of ControlMature

Out of Control

To my regret,

My anger problem,

It continued to escalate.


Continually irritated at mom,

I now realise it was due in part,

To crushing my strong feelings,

For my stepfamily.


Of course, mom would interpret,

My irritation as rudeness,

I would expect nothing else,

Though I was never purposely rude.


Questioning my core beliefs,

Such as life after death,

In my Religious Studies A level,

I found most difficult.


It proved my point,

You can't be what you are not,

You can't deny your identity,

You must be true to yourself,

And ideally not live a lie.


I did not allow mom,

To write to my dad,

When small arguments,

They went out of control.


I did become violent I admit,

Though I never meant to,

I had litttle control over my voice,

When angry or excited.


I never quite,

Went beyond slaps.

Though I admit,

Once at the window,

Did I throw my hairbrush,

Luckily the glass held.


I genuinely apologised,

After such things happened,

Yet this did not prevent,

It repeating itself.

The End

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