I Discover AsexualityMature

I Discover Asexuality

On reading the newspaper,

My eye spotted an article,


People with no sexual inclinations,

They do exist.


I thought about this,

I knew I loved women,

I had crushes only on women,

Emotionally, romantically,

I wanted only women,

Yet I sexually desired no-one.


At twelve I had of course,

Learnt about sex education,

Yet I knew I didn't want sex,

And this made no difference,

To my romantic feelings for women.


I had believed myself unique,

My uninterest in sex,

Was like my dislike of tea and coffee.

Up until this moment,

I had used the term platonic.


I recalled years ago,

How my primary school friends,

On learning of my love for Hillary,

Had naturally assumed and asked,

If I wanted to sleep with her.


I had denied this,

Though back then,

I had attributed this,

To being too young,

Yet as the years went by,

I was aware I had no sex drive,

Yet I fell in love with women.


On the computer,

I brought up Questweb,

Our homepage and search engine,

And researched asexuality.


Four specific romantic orientations,

Did I find out about,

Hetro, Homo, Bi and aromantic,

And naturally identified,

As homo-romantic asexual.

The End

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