I just want acceptanceMature

I just want acceptance

All I had ever wanted,

All I had ever asked,

Was for acceptance of my sexuality,

Not an unreasonable request.


My dad and stepfamily,

I wasn't angry with,

I knew it wasn't their fault,

Their society lied to them.


Yet what excuse did mom have?

She was an athiest,

Born and raised in England,

So stupid she was back then,

About my love for the same sex.


"I have been observing you,

And you don't seem like a lesbian",

Nonsense, I thought,

You don't have to be a certain way,

To fall for the same sex.


Although I was aware,

Some women who fell for the same sex,

They dressed and behaved like men,

Not everyone did.


My mom did remind me,

Some women could be,

Aggresive or violent,

Whereas there were,

Kind and gentle men around.


This I was not unaware of,

One of my friends,

Disowned for being a lesbian,

Had had two violent girlfriends.


Yet surely the answer,

Was to follow dad's general advice,

Be sensible and careful,

And if straight women were warned,

To walk out when first hit,

Surely the same principle applied.

The End

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